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Single Sign On - SSOpro

SSOpro is a Single Sign On web based application that allows business owners to control security, roles, username, password retrieval, and much more; via the SSOpro Admin interfaces.

SSOpro is very easy to use; we could train you to use our software in as little as 15 minutes.

We provide free priority tech support for Single Sign On issues to all of our customers. Yes, free Single Sign On support. We even provide Single Sign On configuration assistance and deployment for our customers.

With our Single Sign On product, SSOpro 2012, you will be able to control membership, access levels, rights, and much more for all your websites.

Your users/customers will only need one username and password to access all the sites you give access to. They also get the ability to reset their own passwords or even change them.

Wouldn't you like to get rid of those (change my password) (I am locked out) emails and phone calls?

Go ahead and Contact us today.

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Ashe Development Group is one of our most valued partners. We have worked together in a series of projects that have allowed our business relationship to grow.